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Poland Joins Other Countries in Making E-Invoicing Mandatory

From 1 January 2023, electronic invoicing will be made mandatory in Poland. With this new recently approved provision, Poland joins other European countries — Spain, Italy, Hungary, and France — that aim to fight VAT fraud, speed up the VAT refund processing, and reduce the costs of invoice sending.

Both Polish and foreign companies will have to adopt tools for electronic invoicing. The tool for issuing and receiving e-invoices in Poland is called the ‘Krajowy System e-Faktur’ or KSEF. The KSEF is a centralized database that belongs to the Polish administration.

It is expected that consolidated EU requirements to implement e-invoicing regulation will reach the national states soon. Now, each country intending to implement mandatory e-invoicing has to receive approval from the EU authorities.

The taxation authorities expect that the e-invoicing mandates will speed up and optimize VAT processing both to the institutions responsible for the control and to the businesses submitting VAT returns.

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