Value Added Tax (VAT) and GST are charged on most transactions in the European Union and an increasing number of countries around the world. Depending on the region and the state, different tax rules & regulations are enforced, but as these legislations are subject to perpetual changes, staying VAT compliant has become increasingly challenging and time-consuming. Failing to do so often leads to penalties and other serious issues that significantly hinder the growth of companies.

We appreciate that your priority is to focus on your business activities first. Therefore, 1StopVAT’s team is committed to backing-up your business when it comes to all tax matters and issues.

What we do

1StopVAT’s clients don’t have to worry about having only minimal knowledge of different state laws & regulations regarding VAT/GST. Each business gets its own point of contact for all their VAT compliance and consultancy needs. We:

  • Assign your own account manager;
  • Correspond with the local tax authorities on your behalf;
  • Provide fiscal representation when it’s needed;
  • Assist during disputes and investigations regarding tax;
  • Mitigate penalties;
  • Review business activities and transactions for VAT/GST compliance;
  • Advise how VAT/GST/sales tax can depend on your legal structure;
  • Analyse how VAT/GST affects your business;
  • Prepare the necessary documentation and distribute payments to relevant jurisdictions accordingly;
  • Deal with VAT/GST registration, implementation, return filing, and compliance for you;
  • Create detailed reports about your business’s current VAT/GST dealings.

You don’t have to burden yourself with preparing & filing the correct VAT/GST forms, notifying appropriate tax authorities about changes, or worrying about meeting deadlines in different countries. Our tax advisers are ready to take over your tax paperwork and give you practical, personalized advice so that you could focus on the most important thing – the unhindered growth of your business.

Why us

1StopVAT’s team of professionals consists of certified members of the Association of International Tax Consultants (AITC) and the International VAT Association (IVA), the world’s leading independent associations covering all major international markets offering businesses their expertise on VAT. Our goal as members of these organizations is to provide tax & legal advice and help for international companies regarding indirect taxation in various countries.

This vast, shared knowledge allows us to form personalized advice best suited for your business and to determine the best course of action regarding any VAT compliance problems or other relevant indirect tax concerns. Having a strong background in managing international tax challenges makes us a reliable partner you can trust. With us handling all your tax matters and keeping everything up-to-date, expanding your business into new jurisdictions becomes simple & easy.