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Value Added Tax (VAT) Calculator

1stopVAT calculator determines the VAT and total amount to charge inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

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VAT Calculator

1stopVAT VAT calculator determines the VAT amount which is applicable at customers location. It supports VAT-inclusive and VAT-exclusive computations for your convenience. Simply enter the price and select which category applies (E-services or E-books). Use it to calculate VAT and ensure that correct VAT amount is taxed from your customers. It’s the responsibility of each seller to ensure they are VAT-compliant. If you have questions about your VAT compliance and obligations or our online VAT calculator, click here to contact us.

VAT calculator (often referred to as VAT calc, VAT checker, VAT calculator online) is an online tool, which you can use to estimate the amount of VAT you need to pay or reclaim and the gross price of the goods/services based on their net price or the gross price.

You can use our handy VAT calculator to calculate the VAT charged on a net amount or the VAT included within a total amount. Since VAT rates can change over time, with our VAT online calculator it is easy to check VAT rate of any EU member.

Definitions and Formulas

VAT stands for Value Added Tax and is a type of indirect consumption tax imposed on the value added to goods or services. VAT is commonly used by governments all over the world as one of their main sources of the revenue. It is the most common consumption tax in the world and is enforced in more than 160 countries. All countries that are part of the European Union (EU) are legally required to enforce a minimum VAT rate. All the current applicable rates can be easily checked using our online VAT calculator.

The VAT in one country will not be the same as the VAT in another. Differences between countries include the taxes imposed on specific goods or services. If you are selling goods or services within EU it is essential for the business to know the correct VAT rate that are applied in different countries, they can be easily determined anytime with the use of VAT online calculator or any type of VAT checker implemented in the accounting system.

How to Calculate VAT

Let‘s take an example UK. In order to calculate VAT in UK, please refer to the below:

  1. The taxable amount of the goods or services is the net price including all additional surcharges. Apply the following formula to calculate VAT or simply use our online VAT calculator for UK.
  2. If you have a gross amount and want to determine the net value, then simply divide the gross value by 1.20 to provide the net value.
  3. For example, an invoice that includes VAT totalling 300 GBP would have a VAT amount of 50 GBP with the net value at 250 GBP. This result is calculated by dividing 300 GBP by 1.2 which gives the value of 250 GBP with the difference being the tax at 20%.
  4. If you have a figure you want to add VAT against, while calculating VAT multiply by 0.20% to find the VAT value or 1.20 to find the gross value including VAT. For example, an invoice of 300 GBP multiplied by 20% provides a VAT figure of 50 GBP.
  5. The net amount is the value you use in your accounts for purchases and sales if you’re a VAT registered company.
  6. It is possible to check your calculations with our UK VAT calculator or use it to ease your VAT calculation.
  7. If you need to proceed with VAT calculation for several products at once, it is easier to use Excel per formulas provided or our free VAT calculator.

There is a vast variety of online VAT calculator to choose from, the most important rule is to make sure that the correct country VAT rate is chosen and it is the most recent one, since incorrectly identified VAT rate may lead to incorrect VAT declaration and fines from tax authorities, therefore do not forget to choose the reliable online VAT calculator (also maybe be identified as VAT calc, VAT check).

VAT registration

If you run a business, you have to register for VAT when your turnover exceeds the VAT threshold. This includes goods, services and any imports that you may be involved with as part of your business. In some countries you can voluntarily register for VAT if your turnover is less than the VAT threshold. Once registered you will need to ensure you calculate VAT correctly and complete your VAT returns in a timely manner! Our team then completes the VAT returns for you, removing potential headaches and stress especially if you are a one person business.