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As digital businesses provide their services all over the world, many of them face the challenge of global VAT compliance.

Staying tax compliant starts from VAT registration in accordance with local tax legislations and procedures. However, these procedures differ from one country to another and are the subject of change occasionally.

Keeping all that knowledge inside your company is cost inefficient. Tracking your sales for tax compliance, searching for the tax representatives in each country is a hazardous, time consuming and insecure way of staying tax compliant worldwide. Together with language barrier, these are the main reasons why businesses choose 1StopVAT for VAT/ GST registration services and VAT/GST return services.

With 1StopVAT you get:

Assigned Account Manager

Correspondence with the Tax Authorities

Tracking VAT/GST registration thresholds

Fiscal representation where required

Filling of application forms

No headache


To achieve global VAT compliance, after obtaining VAT number in a country, your business is required to file periodic VAT/GST returns. In every country VAT/GST return has different reporting format and requires different information to be disclosed. Notably, VAT return submission periods vary in many countries too. Depending on the region, summarized VAT/GST transactions of the specific period need to be reported to local Tax Authorities monthly, quarterly or on a semi-annual basis. In addition to that, VAT payment terms of each country need to be tracked and payment deadlines should be met. VAT/GST registration services and VAT/GST return services provided by 1StopVAT team will help you meeting all the deadlines in all the areas you are operating, so that you can focus on your business growth first.

Some countries allow non-resident companies registered for VAT to claim back local VAT paid on purchased services and goods. Depending on taxable transactions values you company might have to make a claim for a refund.


Staying VAT compliant has become increasingly challenging due to perpetual changes in VAT legislation. We appreciate that your priority is to focus on your business activities first, therefore we are committed to backing-up your business for the tax matters. Having a strong background in managing international tax challenges makes us a reliable partner, you can grow your business with.