In today’s world, E-Commerce is thriving. More and more businesses are choosing to go digital to reach a broader audience of potential customers for their goods and services. But because many countries around the globe implement different tax rates, rules & regulations, taxes can become a confusing, time-consuming burden for many companies, no matter their size. 1StopVAT is here to offer guidance and automated solutions to make all of this easier so that businesses could venture into new markets without any troubles regarding tax.

What you can do with us

The 1StopVAT team merges years of experience with technological solutions to support businesses expanding their client base around the world. With our easy to use cloud-based platform, handling VAT/GST matters becomes simple & quick.

VAT Registration

Tracking all the various taxes and then registering them in each separate country is a taxing task that is liable for mistakes. That is why we offer complete, automated services for your business VAT or GST registration anywhere in the world. The software tracks distance selling thresholds around the world and makes sure that you meet all the requirements when you surpass it. More information

VAT Compliance and Filing

With taxes differing from country to country, to avoid any issues, staying compliant is crucial but tricky. The 1StopVAT solution is led by a team of VAT/GST compliance experts that make sure you stay compliant as you lead your business into new markets. We do all the necessary tax paperwork, file the returns, and distribute payments accordingly. More information

VAT Advisory

As tax legislation is prone to constant changes, they have to be thoroughly understood to stay on top of taxes. While 1StopVAT’s automated solutions help businesses meet all VAT/GST compliance checkmarks, our experienced team of qualified VAT consultants provides the expertise your international company needs to deal with global VAT issues. More information

How it all works

Once you start working with 1StopVAT, you can choose the most convenient option to share all your tax-related data with us: either through an integrated API system that does everything on-the-fly or just share the stored data manually and we’ll do the paperwork for you.

Our solutions provide you with the necessary reports and tax advice, tailored specifically for your business, and notify when your business reaches VAT registration thresholds around the world. Such troublesome tasks as rate calculation dependant on geographic location, VAT registration, tax payment, their terms & distribution, and refunds become the thing of the past. While we handle them for you, you can spend this time planning your next business venture.

Why choose our services

The 1StopVAT team is comprised of certified members of the International VAT Association (IVA) and the Association of International Tax Consultants (AITC), global associations that focus on helping and advising international businesses when it comes to all matters related to tax.

Years of knowledge and experience combined with automated VAT solutions help our clients stay on top of their taxes and reach new markets without any issues. Our goal is to minimize the burden of handling taxes that E-Commerce faces in the international market and encourage their growth.

Accounting & Financial Services

AFServices is accounting and financial consulting company with a wide range services for local and multinational clients. The services covers:

  • Local GAAP acounting services;
  • International accounting services;
  • Fund accounting services;

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