Nowadays, international businesses are as popular as ever and E-Commerce is thriving.  But because these digital businesses provide their services all over the world, many of them face the challenge of global VAT compliance. Each country has its own different tax compliance rules and regulations, which are hard to follow and manage for companies of all sizes.

Staying tax compliant begins with the VAT registration, which has to be done following a country’s local tax legislation and procedures. It confirms to the government that your business is actively providing customers with goods and services. For an easier experience, online VAT registration is available in many states. However, just like tax compliance rules, these procedures differ depending on the country, its location, and are subject to occasional changes.

What you get with 1StopVAT

Our priority is to ease the burden digital businesses face when trying to stay VAT compliant and handling all tax-related matters.

With 1StopVAT you get:

Assigned Account Manager

Correspondence with the Tax Authorities

Tracking VAT/GST registration thresholds

Fiscal representation where required

Filling of application forms

No headache

With 1StopVAT online VAT registration solutions, tax paperwork and compliance stop being an issue. We handle the VAT registration, filing, refunds, and calculations for you and provide all the necessary tax reports and personalized advice through an easy to integrate & use cloud-based platform.

Who has to register for VAT?

International businesses that surpass the VAT threshold in a specific country must register for VAT in that country and apply this tax to the prices of their goods and services. This threshold is comprised of the total value of all taxable sales made throughout the tax year, but sales that are exempt from this tax don’t count towards it. You may register for it via online VAT registration, an accountant, or by post. You can check each country’s distance selling thresholds here: Distance Selling Thresholds map

While companies that do not surpass this threshold do not have to apply for VAT registration, they can choose to do so voluntarily even if they are not expected to go above it in the upcoming tax year. This is beneficial as it allows businesses to reclaim some of the VAT on supplies purchased for the business itself. It also saves them from the hassle of adjusting their prices when they do go above the distance selling threshold.

Making online VAT registration easier

Ultimately, handling all of these tax-related tasks themselves is cost-inefficient for companies. Tracking your sales for tax compliance, searching for the appropriate tax representatives in each country is a hazardous, time consuming, and an insecure way of staying tax compliant worldwide. These, coupled with language barriers that hinder understanding and communication, are the main reasons why international businesses choose 1StopVAT for VAT registration services and VAT return services.

We offer simple and personalized automated solutions for businesses that need help with international VAT/GST compliance.