Not Everything Is About The Business

November 25, 2020

Due to climate change, we urge our colleagues to make more responsible choices about the products they buy. We would like to proudly announce that we are not only responsibly buying, but also sorting our waste and we are ordering from brands and we are working with brands that we are very proud of!

Meet THE OCEAN CLEANUP! They have the first product that is made of plastic from the great pacific garbage patch! As they are a non-profit, all proceeds go to funding their cleanup – turning the pollution of yesterday into the cleanup of tomorrow. Every step of the journey – from pollution to product – is tracked and audited by DNV GL to certify that the plastic is truly from the patch.

An important element of their mission has always been: what they do with the trash they remove from the ocean? They use the recovered plastic to help fund their mission. They make timeless sunglasses as their first product because they are durable, useful, and they hope that by making something that is often carried around, they can also help create awareness.

We are sharing abut this as a support to help them clean 500,000 football fields worth of ocean!

For more information visit their site: