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Malaysia GST calculator

Welcome to the 1stopVAT’s Malaysian GST Tax Calculator. Here you can check how much GST you should add to your goods or services or find out how much GST you are paying.

We created this Malaysian Online GST Calculator so that you can access updated tax information easily and in no time. But before using the Online GST Calculator Malaysia, let’s first find out the most useful concepts of this tax.

What is GST in Malaysia?

Goods and services tax — the GST — is a consumption tax, more frequently called VAT. In Malaysia, GST covers all goods and services sold in the country, except for specific types of goods that are zero-rated or exempt. Among the exempt goods are residential property, financial, childcare and education, healthcare, and public transport services. In Malaysia, the GST replaced two taxes — Sales and Services taxes.

In the country, designated areas can be used to avoid GST on supplies provided within those areas. Moreover, some companies can apply for GST exemptions.

Even non-registered parties can use the GST reverse charge mechanism in Malaysia. A GST Calculator in Malaysia can help them figure out the tax due.

All GST-registered companies must issue invoices and receipts that include the GST percentage and amount. The easiest way to figure out the details for the receipts is to use a Malaysia GST Calculator Online. One has only to enter relevant data, and the Malaysian GST Calculator outputs the GST due. If a company or an individual chooses to use alternatives to our GST Rate Calculator Malaysia, they can use a dedicated Excel spreadsheet or rely on a third-party tax compliance specialist to calculate it for them.

What is the GST percentage in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the standard GST rate is 6%, while the reduced rate is 0%. The zero-rated goods include exports, international services, food, and books. To find out how these percentages transform the prices of goods and services, you can use a GST Calculator Malaysia.

1stopVAT’s Malaysia GST Calculator Online

Our GST Calculator Online Malaysia features the most recent tax information, which allows you to find out what tax percentage and what amount you should use at any time. You can insert the required information into our GST Calculator Malaysia and see the GST due in moments.

Normally, only GST-registered companies charge GST in Malaysia. If you are not yet registered for the GST but would like to know what percentage you should charge, you can use our Malaysian GST Calculator to find out.