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India GST calculator

We are glad you visited the 1stopVAT’s Indian GST calculator online. In this page, we will provide the information about the most important details of the tax in India and the tool for calculating it — Indian Online GST Calculator. An Indian GST Tax Calculator will come in handy if you need to calculate GST for reverse charge purposes, doublecheck the GST charged from you, or if you want to know how much of the tax to add to the prices of your goods or services.

Before we jump into figuring out how much GST you should charge or pay via our GST Calculator India, let’s see what the GST is.

GST in India

The GST — goods and services tax — is a consumption tax similar to the value added tax. It is paid and deducted at every stage of production. In India, the GST was implemented in 2017 after 17 years of drafting and amendments.

Indian GST rates are comprised from central, union territory, integrated and state’s governments’ shares of the tax. The GST rates in India range from 0% to 28%. Both Central and State’s governments can collect this tax.

Just like in other countries, to charge the GST, the company must be GST-registered. Once a business is registered, the GST percentage and amount has to be present on all GST invoices and receipts.

How is GST calculated?

There are several ways to calculate the GST payable. The easiest one is using the Online GST calculator India. Similarly, you can use a spreadsheet to create your own GST Calculator India with GST values to automatize your calculations. However, to learn which rate to choose when using a spreadsheet or an GST Calculator Online India, you must know which category your goods or services fall under.

For example, essential supplies and food items such as milk or wheat are zero-rated. Diamonds and precious metals have non-standard GST rates. Rough diamonds are subject to 0.25% GST and precious metals to 3% GST. Most goods, however are taxed within the range of 5% to 18%.

You can also choose calculating GST by hand instead of using the Indian GST Calculator. If you decide to do so, use the following formula:

GST Amount = (Original Cost x GST%)/100

However, should you want to calculate more GST values faster, we recommend using our GST Calculator in India.

Indian GST Calculator Online

Thank you for choosing to use 1stopVAT’s Indian GST Calculator. We hope that you find our tool easy to use. If you need help with navigating the GST or calculating the GST with our GST Rate Calculator India please get in touch with our team and we will consult you individually.