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EORI or Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number

What is EORI?

EORI is a unique number provided by EU Member States customs authorities to businesses selling internationally. EORI number is mandatory for all companies which perform customs-related activities in European Union. Therefore, all EU companies must get the EORI number from their national customs before starting customs-related operations in the EU.

When is the EORI number necessary?

EORI number is mandatory when importing goods to the EU from third countries. EORI number is also required for the export of goods if the value of goods is higher than 1000 EUR or if goods weigh more than 1000kg. This number is granted to both legal persons and individuals who export or import more than ten consignments per year.

EORI and Brexit

Following UK withdrawal from EU on 31 of January 2020, all EU businesses having trade relations with the UK were forced to get a separate UK EORI number, while UK businesses that have trade relations with the EU can perform all EU customs operations with their UK EORI number. It is worth to mention that:

a) UK companies which want to act as declarant of the imported goods into the EU has to obtain EU EORI number

b) EORI number remains optional for the movement of goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland.