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Verify French VAT Numbers Within Seconds

VAT ID France companies hold is called Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée or TVA ID. Companies operating in France need to register for the French VAT number as soon as they reach the country’s VAT threshold of €85,800 if they sell goods and €34,400 if they provide services. VAT registered companies charge 20% of the VAT on most goods and reduced VAT tax of  2,1%, 5,5% and 10% on products and serviced market as eligible for the reduction.

Together with the VAT number, they are given a unique SIRET number used as an identificatory in the communication with the tax authorities.

If you want to confirm that a company you work with has a VAT number France, you case use the simple steps provided by the 1stopVAT team.

How to check if a company has a French VAT ID?

As of yet, it is not possible to check if a company has an EU VAT number France by submitting the business’ name to the local tax authorities or the EU databases. Instead, to verify if a business is VAT-registered, you will need to find VAT number France based company has in its credentials that are usually included in business-related documentation. You will then need to check the number using one of the three possible methods.

Manual VAT ID France check

If you need to quickly verify a VAT number and don’t have access to the Internet, you can memorise the following characteristics of French VAT numbers. VAT registration number France companies have starts with a two-letter code ‘FR’. It is followed by an 11-digit code that can also include alphabetic characters instead of the first two or either the first or the second digit.

Using our VAT checker

The European Commission has created a search engine that allows verifying any VAT number registered within the EU, including the EU VAT identification number France tax authorities issued to companies operating in the country. You access this data by using our integrated VAT checker.

Fill in a VAT number France based company holds and see if the code is verified by the European tax authorities.

Does your company operate in France?

In case your company sells to French customers or is planning to do so, you can register for VAT number France by submitting an application at the Service des Impôts des Entreprises. If you own a non-EU company, please keep in mind that a fiscal representative is required in order to register for VAT and proceed with VAT accounting onwards.