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New Zealand GST calculator

Hello — we’re happy to see you visiting the 1stopVAT’s New Zealand GST Calculator Online. We hope our Online GST Calculator New Zealand -based companies charge will help find answers to your questions. Our easy-to-use New Zealand GST Calculator will help you find GST-inclusive and exclusive prices. But, before jumping straight to the GST Calculator in New Zealand, let’s first find out more about the tax.

What is GST in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the Goods and Services Tax or the GST is also called Tāke hokohoko. This tax is added on top of the price of a good or service and charged at the point of sale. To charge GST, companies have to register and receive a GST certificate from the country’s taxation authority — the Inland Revenue. Foreign entities might also need to register for GST when selling goods or services to the residents of New Zealand.

Registering for GST means that companies become obliged to submit GST reports to the Inland Revenue at a set frequency. This allows deducing this tax or claiming it back when using GST-charged services or buying goods as a business.

Most goods and services are subject to GST in New Zealand. Major exceptions are rent, mortgage payments, fine metals, or airfares.

GST-registered businesses must issue tax invoices that include both the GST percentage and its amount. However, from April 2023, tax invoicing obligation is exchanged with taxable supply information, easing the requirements for the sellers and defining the minimum amount of information that must be kept to give evidence of the transaction.

The GST rate in New Zealand is 15 per cent. You can calculate how much GST you paid when buying a good or service, you can try GST Rate Calculator New Zealand by using a spreadsheet or a special New Zealand Online GST Calculator.

Please keep in mind that from 2019, individuals buying goods valued below NZ$1000 from overseas suppliers have to pay the GST.

New Zealand GST Calculator Online

Here you will find the 1stopVAT’s GST Calculator Online New Zealand. Unlike a manual GST Calculator New Zealand, it will help you calculate your GST value simply and quickly. Our team has created the New Zealand GST Calculator by using the most recent data and know-how about the tax so that you get trustworthy information any time.

Just enter the required values into our GST Calculator New Zealand and find out the GST amount or the price.

We hope you’ve enjoyed using our New Zealand GST Tax Calculator. If you have any questions about the GST, VAT, or other taxes globally, please reach out to our team for individual assistance.