Lithuania State Tax Inspectorate recently announced updates related to Brexit

September 10, 2021

Lithuania State Tax Inspectorate recently announced that by 2021 November 3rd, all United Kingdom companies with a Lithuanian VAT code but did not have a permanent office in Lithuania should have to appoint a fiscal agent and fulfill all VAT obligations (calculation, declaration, payment) through a fiscal agent. UK taxable persons who have not established a fiscal agent by the deadline will be de-registered from VAT, but their VAT obligations to pay and declare VAT will remain.

United Kingdom companies registered for VAT in Lithuania before Brexit to acquire or supply goods, services, or other economic activities in Lithuania. This is because they did not have a permanent establishment in Lithuania that must appoint a fiscal agent.

It must be a taxable person who carries out legal, accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities or provides tax advice, has been a VAT payer for at least three years and meets other requirements set by the Minister of Finance.

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