Turnover threshold

35,000 EUR

Standard VAT rate


Measurement period

rolling 12 month period

VAT in Cyprus guide

VAT rates

The following VAT rates apply in Cyprus:

  • Standard rate: 19%
  • Reduced rates: 5%
  • 9% Zero rate (0%)

The standard rate of VAT applies to all supplies of goods or services unless a specific measure allows a reduced rate, the zero rate or exemption.

Cypriot VAT for digital service providers

In case of digital services, telecom services or broadcasting services supplied in a B2B context, the place of supply is the place where the recipient is established. No Cypriot VAT should be charged, and reverse charge applies unless supplier and customer are established in Cyprus. In case of digital services, telecom services or broadcasting services supplied in a B2C context we refer to the section on the Mini One-Stop Shop below for more information.

One-Stop Shop

On 1 July 2021 EU has introduced a so-called “One-Stop-Shop” (OSS) system which has replaced a previously applied “MiniOneStopShop” (MOSS) system. OSS has extended the scope of MOSS from digital goods and services to all goods and services sold B2C in the EU. OSS is an electronic portal that simplifies VAT compliance for online sellers, i.e., online businesses that sell goods and/or services in the EU are now only required to register for VAT in one EU country for all their B2C sales in the EU. If such sellers’ B2C sales in EU are above the applicable threshold, which is 10.000,00 EUR throughout the EU, businesses are liable to charge, collect and remit VAT in the Member State where their B2C buyers are located, instead of the Member State or country of their incorporation, i.e. online sellers have to apply the VAT rate of the Member State where the goods are dispatched or where the services are supplied. AS each EU Member State has an online portal where businesses can register for OSS and submit their VAT returns in one Member State for their B2C sales throughout the EU, it is estimated that VAT compliance costs will be significantly reduced. Registration in the OSS system is available for both – taxable persons established in the EU and outside the EU.

Late – registration penalties

A penalty is applied to late registration, assessed at EUR 85 for each month that the failure to register continues. Interest is charged at the rate of 3.5% annually on the amount of outstanding VAT.