A guide to Zalando marketplace for fashion retailers

May 20, 2021

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A German marketplace for fashion retailers Zalando has more than 20 million sellers in 15 European countries. Not only it is largest Germany-based fashion marketplace with few million visitors each month but they offer fulfilment solution package for those who would like to start selling on this platform.

Here is our guide on what you need to know before start selling on Zalando.

Zalando as a marketplace

Since it was founded in 2008, Zalando took place as one of most popular clothing marketplaces in Europe. Started from shoes selling, Zalando now has 1,900 brands to offer and is a leader in the marketplace. Praised for their impeccable customer experience, free delivery and returns policy and wide logistics network (8 fulfilment centres).

As a marketplace, Zalando has few key points that all retailers must know:

  • Zalando is fashion marketplace, the product categories which can be sold on this platform are: clothing, shoes, sportswear and equipment, accessories.
  • The seller will appear only if the product is in stock.
  • Zalando takes carefully into consideration product representation. Photos of products should meet company’s website visual elements.
  • Free standard delivery and 100-day free returns policy.

Zalando Fulfilment Solutions

Zalando Fulfilment Solutions (ZFS) takes over fulfilment process as sellers don’t need to take care about logistics and product placement. It offers storing stock and warehousing solutions in six markets as well as customer fulfilment and return package.

ZFS service is flexible lets you choose between Zalando fulfilment solutions, your own fulfilment or combination of both. These solutions can be applied in different countries including markets in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

Zalando has strict returns strategy.

How it works

  • Deliver your products in one of Zalando fulfilment centres.
  • Once a customer orders a product, it will be packed as a one parcel.
  • Zalando fulfilment centre sends this package to destination in Europe.

Zalando VAT Policy

Partners using Zalando Fulfilment Solutions require a VAT registration in the countries of the Zalando warehouses they are storing goods. VAT registration in Germany is always required if selling on Zalando marketplace in Germany. For more information you can check Zalando Partner Program VAT Policy or contact us and get free VAT consultation.


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Zalando is one of the most popular fashion marketplaces in Europe which offers high quality logistics solutions and customer service. It could be great option for fashion retailers who consider to expand in European markets.